Branch 233 Orangeville. Comrades, the Poppy campaign will be commencing on Friday, 25  October 2019. As is usual, we are looking for people to go out and canvas for this very important event. Just asking for a couple hours of your time. The life changing impact that can come about because of the Poppy drive is just unbelievable. Think of all of the support that can be given to our Veterans and their families from the monies donated. Sign up sheets are up at the legion. Stop by, have a look.

 For those who wish not to or are unable to canvas, there is another way to help. The monies raised through the great generosity of our fellow Canadians will need to be sorted and counted. This too will take a little time as well. We here at the Orangeville Legion will start counting on Monday, 28 October 2019 from 9 to 11 am. Coffee/Tea/Goodies will be available as well.

For you Legion members, remember your oath, for those who may wish to join us for this campaign, you can give our administrative assistant, Kelly Lamont a call at the legion, 519-942-4895, starting 9 am, Monday to Friday.

"Lest We Forget" "We Will Remember".

Master Warrant Officer Charles Simpson CD  (Ret)

1st Vice President/Poppy Chair

R.C.L. Branch 233 Orqngeville

Important Message from Chuck Simpson

Greetings Comrades and Friends of the Legion.

It is that time of the year when I will be posting items that have to do with "Remembrance".  Legion week has been proclaimed, we are getting ready for the Poppy Campaign and the day of Remembrance itself.  Most towns have Legions that participate with their fellow residents in celebrating "the 11th of November - Remembrance Day", but there are those who do not.  We, those Legions within Zone E -3 have had the honour of participating with the town of Caledon East in their celebration over the years and it will be the same this year.  I am asking that we show the same support as in the past.  I have some info which I will post and will update as further information comes in.

Please, we can not let any opportunity that avails itself in keeping "Remembrance" alive, go unsupported.

This year's Remembrance Services for the Combined Caledon East/Mono Mills Remembrance Service will be: Sunday, November 3, 2019 at 1 p.m. with parade starting at 12:30 noon from Old Church Rd.  Service is at 6311 Old Church Rd.,  Caledon Municipal Offices.

Programs and other information will be promulgated as it becomes available.  Please mark your calendars for this important event.

"Lest We Forget"    "We Will Remember"

Chuck Simpson   Zone E-3 Sgt-at-Arms

Br233 Orangeville.

One way poppy funds are used:


Greetings to one and all from the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 233 Orangeville. Have you ever wondered where the monies donated during our Poppy Campaign go? Well let me show you one of the programs (Operation Service Dog) (PTSD) that provides support to one group of our veterans.

Looking at the picturest above, what do you see? Individually you see a dog and a man. Put them together, you see “MAGIC”. The time and effort to put these two souls together is quite expensive, but by doing so, you make for a better life for one of our veterans who stepped up and did his duty for us and his country.

I have met both comrades and yes, I consider Chandler a comrade, and in the very short time from meeting them, the difference in the quality of life for that veteran is extra-ordinary. You can not ask for anymore (may I say) value from monies donated to a worthy cause.

So, when you see the members of the Legion out canvassing during the upcoming Poppy Campaign (starts Friday 25 October 2019) please remember that picture and what a life changing impact it has had on one of our veterans.

“Lest We Forget” “We Will Remember”