Please use the link below to pull up the Bursary Application and Information for 2020.  Due to COVID-19, the application is due by July 17th for this year.  Best of success with your studies!

President's report, march-april 2020

Comrades, where do I start? As a result of the Covid-19 we were ordered to close by Public Health, Provincial Government, Federal Government, A.G.C.O. March 16th 2020. This result has put us in a situation of Financial Loss. Our hall rentals, bar sales, sports events and fund-raising initiatives all ended. To date we have had 9 rentals cancelled and I expect more. The other losses from our bar sales, sports events, fund raising are in the tens of thousands. I have submitted a claim to PIB Insurance on April 14th 2020 for a Business Interruption Claim.  Acting on the advice of Ontario Command to make this claim, I am hoping we can recover some of our loss since our closure. At the time of writing this report I have not heard back but expect some response in the near future.

At this time, I thought I'd give a report in regards to our water damage and fire that occurred in February and March 2020. The roof leak and fire caused significant damage to our branch. The loss is well north of $75,000.00. I don’t have an exact figure of the loss as it is still being calculated. I’m sure many of you are asking what happened to cause the roof leak and fire. Well the roof leak was caused by ice build up between the flat roof and the peak roof. The fire was caused by water traveling down the hydro stack into the conduit into the main electrical panel causing the fire. (Water and Electricity Don’t Mix!)
Since our branch closed on March 16th 2020, many things have been happening behind the scenes. I would like to give you an idea of the work done since we have closed.

  1. Pool Room: ceiling replaced (new drywall, new insulation & paint), walls painted, new trim throughout.
  2. Entire floors replaced with high grade vinyl flooring in the sports room.
  3. The entire half wall painted in sports room with new quarter round trim installed.
  4. The Lounge: the carpet has been removed and high-grade vinyl flooring has been installed. The water damage below the air conditioner in the lounge has been repaired and painted.
  5. The ceiling and bulkhead in the hallway have been replaced and painted. The south and east wall has been repaired and painted.
  6. The stairs' carpet will be replaced at the end of April with a new rubberized material with anti-slip and vision impairment materials.
  7. The railing upstairs and the railing leading downstairs has been painted
  8. The men’s washroom has been completing renovated and repaired. The floor was completely removed due to water damage and replaced. All the walls were removed and replaced due to water damage. The toilet was moved more to the center to allow people with disabilities to use the bathroom. A larger wall-mounted sink was installed with wing tap handles to help folks with disabilities. Ceramic flooring was installed including four feet up the wall. Paint was applied to all walls.
  9. The flooring in the office was replaced with high grade vinyl flooring and new trim throughout.
  10. The beer room flooring was replaced with dry core and vinyl flooring installed.
  11. The ice machine in the beer room was damaged and written off due to fire. A new ice fridge was installed in main bar for the convenience of our bartenders. (New plumbing and platform for ice machine was installed)
  12. The taps in the main bar were damage when the water was shut off during the fire closure. Debris travelled into the mechanism causing poor water pressure. The taps were replaced.
  13. The taps in the furnace room and women’s washroom downstairs were replaced.
  14. The taps in the kitchen were repaired.
  15. The men’s urinal in downstairs bathroom was repaired.
  16. The banquet floor downstairs was stripped and waxed.
  17. A new fire-rated door will be installed at the emergency exit at the west end of the building.
  18. A new prep table and shelving has been ordered for replacement in kitchen due to fire damage.

Comrades, I am pleased to report your Branch was nominated in the category for top service club in the myFM Spirit Awards. Also, Comrade Chuck and myself were nominated as top volunteers in myFM Spirit Awards.  MyFM had planned to have the awards held right here at our Branch on April 16th 2020. Unfortunately, that couldn’t happen in our current climate. I’m pleased to report our Legion placed in the top three in the entire county. Congratulations to our current Executive, Staff, Membership and Ladies Auxiliary for our great showing. I also would like to express to everyone, a thank you for all their votes in supporting me also. I placed in the top three volunteers in the myFM Spirit Awards. I have to admit during this time as President I have not had a boring year.  It's nice to know I have so much support throughout the community and my comrades. It takes a team to accomplish what we have done so far this year. It takes a team to keep this branch operating not any one individual.

During these unprecedented times, our Dominion Council and Ontario Command have made a decision to return some of our per capita tax back to the branches to help ease some of the financial strain during these times. We will be receiving approximately $3,000.00 back from Dominion and Provincial Command. This money will help with our Utility Bills over the past and coming months.

Decisions in regards to elections and commencement of our Executive and General Meetings are still on hold. Dominion and Provincial Command have not made any final decisions in regards to this. The only decision that was made was the current Executive and Branch Officers are to continue in place. I look forward to our Branch opening again and business continues. I will say, I plan on running for President again and hope many of our current Executive will also. I look forward to a normal process once again.

Yours In comradeship, Stay Well & Stay Safe,

Barry Kimber, President, Branch #233 519-942-4895

support for veterans during the pandemic

                             FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

27 March 2020

Legion Branches, Ontario Command Continue to Support Veterans

The Royal Canadian Legion, Branches and Ladies’ Auxiliaries in Ontario Command continue to support our Veterans and their families through these trying times.

We understand that during this time of crisis there are needs and financial distress and we remind Veterans and their families that the Royal Canadian Legion is only an email away to assist. Our Provincial and Branch Service Officers will help in completing any applications for assistance free of charge.

Although our Branches and offices are closed to the public, we remain committed to provide the necessities for our Veterans. If any Veteran requires assistance they can contact their local Branch or contact direct to Ontario Command email  and if you provide your full contact information, someone will get back to you as soon as possible. We have Provincial staff, including Provincial Service Officers, working from home who are in contact with Veterans Affairs Canada on a daily basis.


For further information please contact email:, or as listed below for individual staff:

Veterans Hot Line – 437-228-4747

Homeless Veterans Program – and/or

Service Bureau (Aurora) –  and/or  
Service Bureau (North Bay) –  and/or  
Service Bureau (Kanata) –  and/or  
Service Bureau (London) –  and/or

89 Industrial Parkway North, Aurora Ont. L4G 4C4
437-228-4747  Fax 905-841-9992   



It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Comrade Darrick Landry.  Darrick was the Zone E3 Poppy Chairman and Branch 233 Past President.  He will be greatly missed by us all.  

Funeral and Visitation were on February 29th and March 1st.  If you wish to see the obituary, please click below.


A huge THANK YOU to our branch President Barry Kimber, and all of the other wonderful, hardworking volunteers who worked tirelessly to get our branch up and running again so quickly after the fire.  Of course, special thanks to the insurance company and the contractors for their  speedy work as well. Awesome job!!


Remember to bring in Canadian Tire money and aluminum tabs

They are just gathering dust in your house anyway - but we can use them both.  Please put them in the collection containers between the lobby and the bar - the Branch can use them towards renovations and upgrades at the branch.  Thank you very much! 

Special friendship award

 For those who don't know, we run a Thursday Night Bingo here at Branch 233 Orangeville. Like our motto " The Little Legion with a Big Heart, our Bingo is little but the people who support us have big hearts and generous spirits. So, it was only fitting, that when the opportunity arose to present a very unique award, the Bingo venue was chosen. The individual who was presented this award has over time consistently supported our branch every so quietly. As this award did not arrive in time for the “Honours and Awards” banquet, it was decided to do this presentation where our patrons, whose continued support enables us to assist various agencies in Orangeville, would also be a part of the ceremony honouring this person. Sharon Kimber was presented with the Royal Canadian Legion Friendship Award, which consisted of a medal and a certificate, signed by the Dominion President. 

The Friendship Award exists to honour and recognize individuals who have rendered assistance, service or cooperation to the Legion beyond that which could normally be anticipated or expected. Sharon Kimber is truly a Friend of the Legion!


Special awards and presentations

Chris Skalozub

Chris Skalozub

Chris Skalozub


Branch President Barry Kimber (left), presenting Chris Skalozub (right) with his picture for the  Past  President's lounge wall upstairs, and the plaque for the Past Presidents board downstairs in the banquet hall.  These were for the 2017-2018 year.

Irene Marek

Chris Skalozub

Chris Skalozub


Barry Kimber (right) is presenting Irene Marek (left) with her Past Officer Medal, Executive Bar, and the Youth Education Bar.

Good day to one and all from the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 233 Orangeville. I would like to thank all those citizens of Orangeville and surrounding communities for their continuing support of our Thursday night Bingo. Because of this support, we were able to make two 1000.00 donations to two very deserving agencies within Orangeville this morning. The first donation was to Big Brothers/Big Sisters and the second was to the Family Transition Place. Again, many thanks to all.
“Lest We Forget” “We Will Remember”

First picture  above– left to right – Barry Kimber – President, Br 233 Orangeville, Nancy Stallmach, Executive Director – Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Dufferin and District, Chuck Simpson, 1st vice, Br 233 Orangeville.
Second picture – left to right – Barry Kimber – President, Br 233 Orangeville, Kelly Lee, Events and Community Relations Coordinator, Family Transition Place, Chuck Simpson, 1st vice, Br 233 Orangeville.


Bursary recipients 2019-2020 school year.

The Royal Canadian Legion Col Fitzgerald Branch #233 Orangeville is pleased to announce the following students have been awarded an Education Bursary for 2019 - 2020 student year. Congratulations from the entire branch membership.

John Chilvers, Meghan Clark, Jennifer Coats, Brianna Franklin, Brooke Franklin, Hailie Ivey, Hanna Martin, Amber McKinnon, Cody Origlieri, Sabinna Santangelo, Fionnah Mckechnie, Heather Oliver, Brittany Felice, Lauren Macbean, Maddy Firth, Noah Breadner, Liam Raymond, Paula Brown, Raeanne Lomack, Victoria Boon, Marsus Simms, Chelsea Evason, Nadia Marrost, Victoria Simms, Sarah Denotedt and Julia Scanllon. 

Lest We Forget

Barry Kimber 

President Branch #233

Darrick Landry 

Poppy Chairperson

Joyce Catcher 

Nevada Chairperson

The wooden poppy from Wales!

 On Saturday, 13 July 2019, a day which was one of remembrance, when we said goodbye to our comrade Don Patterson, four members of Branch 233 Orangeville got to open a very special box. This box came from a gentleman named Kelvyn Jenkins who lives in Wales and is a member of the Royal British Legion. In the box was a British Wooden Poppy. What a beauty it is. We have to thank Comrade Jenkins for the lovely Poppy as well as our own Comrade Rose Elsdon in whose name it was delivered to the Legion. It will be put in a place of honour. As we say, “Lest We Forget”, “We Will Remember” and we will REMEMBER. 

All pictures show: Front left, Comrade Rose Elsdon, Past President, back left, Comrade Chuck Simpson, 1st vice, front right, Comrade Barry Kimber, President, back right, Greg Laing, Branch Piper. 


June 17th 2019

 Greetings to all. I have to say, that this was a very unique evening. Comrades Barry Kimber, President, Darrick Landry, Past President and Chuck Simpson, 1st vice President of Branch 233 Orangeville and Larry Weltz, President of Branch 449 Alton, all members of Zone E-3, had the great pleasure of joining with the Orangeville Fire Chief, Mr Ronald Morden and the officers, men and women of the Orangeville Fire department in a very special presentation. The Legion members, on behalf of the Royal Canadian Legion Charitable Foundation presented the Orangeville Fire Department with a cheque for $5000.00. This money will go towards the purchase of a Multi Force Air Lifting Bag. This is an impressive piece of equipment, which if and when required, will give our fire department one more means in assisting those who are in need. We owe all "first responders" who put themselves in harms way for us a "great big thanks" and all the support that we can give them.