Bursary recipients 2019-2020 school year.

The Royal Canadian Legion Col Fitzgerald Branch #233 Orangeville is pleased to announce the following students have been awarded an Education Bursary for 2019 - 2020 student year. Congratulations from the entire branch membership.

John Chilvers, Meghan Clark, Jennifer Coats, Brianna Franklin, Brooke Franklin, Hailie Ivey, Hanna Martin, Amber McKinnon, Cody Origlieri, Sabinna Santangelo, Fionnah Mckechnie, Heather Oliver, Brittany Felice, Lauren Macbean, Maddy Firth, Noah Breadner, Liam Raymond, Paula Brown, Raeanne Lomack, Victoria Boon, Marsus Simms, Chelsea Evason, Nadia Marrost, Victoria Simms, Sarah Denotedt and Julia Scanllon. 

Lest We Forget

Barry Kimber 

President Branch #233

Darrick Landry 

Poppy Chairperson

Joyce Catcher 

Nevada Chairperson


Greetings comrades and friends of the Legion. The 9th of August is a very special day in which we do honour those wearers of the Blue Beret. We Canadians are famous for our participation in the many UN deployments over the years and unfortunately, we have loss people on these “Peacekeeping deployments”. The 9th of August 1974 is a very significant day for me, as I (with a great many other Canadians) was deployed in Ismailia, Egypt at that time, when an unnecessary loss of Canadian lives took place. So, if you can, please take time to “REMEMBER” those and other Blue Berets who we have loss over the years, as well as pray for those currently serving around the world. If you can, please come and join those who will be attending this event being held at Base Borden and Angus Ontario. Remember “Flight 51”. 

Many thanks,




Remember to bring in Canadian Tire money

It is just gathering dust in your drawer or glove box anyway - and put it in the jar inside the bar lobby- the Branch can use this towards renovations and upgrades at the branch.  Thank you! 

The wooden poppy from Wales!

 On Saturday, 13 July 2019, a day which was one of remembrance, when we said goodbye to our comrade Don Patterson, four members of Branch 233 Orangeville got to open a very special box. This box came from a gentleman named Kelvyn Jenkins who lives in Wales and is a member of the Royal British Legion. In the box was a British Wooden Poppy. What a beauty it is. We have to thank Comrade Jenkins for the lovely Poppy as well as our own Comrade Rose Elsdon in whose name it was delivered to the Legion. It will be put in a place of honour. As we say, “Lest We Forget”, “We Will Remember” and we will REMEMBER. 

All pictures show: Front left, Comrade Rose Elsdon, Past President, back left, Comrade Chuck Simpson, 1st vice, front right, Comrade Barry Kimber, President, back right, Greg Laing, Branch Piper. 


June 17th 2019

 Greetings to all. I have to say, that this was a very unique evening. Comrades Barry Kimber, President, Darrick Landry, Past President and Chuck Simpson, 1st vice President of Branch 233 Orangeville and Larry Weltz, President of Branch 449 Alton, all members of Zone E-3, had the great pleasure of joining with the Orangeville Fire Chief, Mr Ronald Morden and the officers, men and women of the Orangeville Fire department in a very special presentation. The Legion members, on behalf of the Royal Canadian Legion Charitable Foundation presented the Orangeville Fire Department with a cheque for $5000.00. This money will go towards the purchase of a Multi Force Air Lifting Bag. This is an impressive piece of equipment, which if and when required, will give our fire department one more means in assisting those who are in need. We owe all "first responders" who put themselves in harms way for us a "great big thanks" and all the support that we can give them.