Services of Remembrance 2019

The Legions are the primary keepers of Remembrance and we take this job very seriously and make sure that we get to as many people as possible and teach it to children too.  To this end, we visit local retirement homes, a senior centre, church, schools, and cenotaphs to ensure this Remembrance and honour the veterans still alive, those who have passed, and their families.  Lest We forget.  

This year, Orangeville was specially honoured to have the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, Elizabeth  Dowdeswell as our very special guest for Remembrance Day and she even visited the Legion to meet with the veterans and our local men and women who serve our community.

Our Silver Cross mother was Valerie McGrady, the mother of Matthew McCully who was killed in Afghanistan in 2007.

Remembrance Day in Brackley, northhamptonshire england 2019

From visit by our Comrade Philip Woodard-Knigh

Comrade Philip Woodard-Knight, a member of Branch 233 Orangeville and a veteran sent the following pictures showing his participation in a Remembrance Day service in his home town in England. Pictures were beautiful and the cross that he laid in honour of those lost souls, although no less or more important than the others, clearly stands out. Your fellow comrades thank you for your service and for being there, representing the R.C.L, your branch and your hometown(s).“Lest We Forget” “We Will Remember”.

~ These are some of the pictures taken from my home town of Brackley, Northamptonshire England.  The picture taken from the local newspaper was either the Brackley Advertiser or the Banbury Guardian.

Thanks Phil Woodard