What you need to know

Asbestos was an integral part of the military for much of the 20th century because of its ability to insulate and fireproof.  All branches of the armed forces used asbestos in the construction of ships, tanks, planes and barracks that were insulated with asbestos. During WWII there was intensive shipbuilding which was one of the deadliest occupations for asbestos exposure. Continued involvement in Korea, Gulf War, Afghanistan and military involvement with disasters in various parts of the world has also affected our veteran’s continued exposure to asbestos.  The disease’s latency period of between 20 and 50 years can account for the incidents of different forms of mesothelioma in our veterans.  For information about the disease, treatment and possible compensation, we have provided four websites for you to visit.  One of the sites, located in the U.S., is ready and willing to help our Canadian veterans and others affected by asbestos exposure to find the resources they need.  You can make a direct link with Lauren Johansmeyer, Public Outreach, at, Mesothelioma Center at