The cadets always make us proud but we at the Legion were particularly proud of the wonderful job they did at our Remembrance Day ceremony.  They braved the cold, the wind, the snow and give us hope for the future!  They also did many days of Poppy Service to raise funds for our veterans.  Thank you for helping us honour our veterans and the fallen.  Thank you for YOUR service!!!

january 2020 report for 1849 cadets


1849 Army – Report to Legion

- 08Jan – CO’s parade, Promoted 8 cadets, including 1 to WO.

- 13Jan – One of our cadets is applying for the Basic Parachutist course and took part in a pre-para fitness assessment – He was successful in meeting the standard

- 15Jan – 4 Cadets presented with their Army Cadet League Service Medals. Medals were presented by League Rep, Maj Federico. Parade positions for Alpha and Bravo Platoons announced. Newly promoted WO Gustos was awarded Alpha Platoon IC, Sgt Wood was awarded Bravo Platoon IC.

- 22Jan – Fitness night. Joint Orangeville Army, Shelburne Air and Grand Valley Air Washington DC March break trip continues to be finalized. Nearing max capacity.

- 24Jan – 2 Cadets volunteered to assist in a Legion Dinner (hopefully they showed up – Have not received any feedback to the contrary)

- 25Jan – CO, TrgO and Civ Volunteer attended the Lorne Scots Robbie Burns Dinner in Brampton to represent the Corps. A good time was had by all. Turning into an annual event.


january 2020 report for 85 tornado cadets

COs parade - January 14 Warrant Officer April Messam promoted to Squadron warrant officer. Biathlon team working very diligently in raising its status as a team. 10 members competed at the area biathlon competed on the weekend of January 18-19.
The marksmanship team looking forward to the marksmanship competition in the middle of February. Band continues to grow. Supporting members of 1849 army cadet corps. 


85 Tornado, Grand Valley Mess Dinner and Presentation


On Friday, 13 December 2019, Barry Kimber, President of the R.C.L. Branch 233 Orangeville had the great pleasure of attending the 85 Tornado, Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron, Grand Valley Mess Dinner. It was an extremely enjoyable evening but made even more so, in that President Kimber was also there to present to the Squadron a cheque in the amount of $3000.00. This money, raised through the Poppy Campaign donations allows for us (the Legion) to be able to provide support to these great organizations. 

These young men and women, our future leaders, deserve all of the help that they can get and the Legion has made this one of their missions, the support of our future. 

Pictures of this event are below:  First picture: left, Br233 president, Barry Kimber, centre, Kevin Ewan, Lions Club president, right, Capt Ron Shaw, Commanding Officer, 85 Tornado Sqn, Second picture, Barry Kimber speaking to the Squadron and third picture, members of 85 Tornado Squadron.

Many thanks

Chuck Simpson


25 Nov 2019

Squadron update for Branch 233 Royal Canadian Legion, Orangeville. November 2019 Activities


85 Tornado Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron 

Squadron update for Branch 233 Royal Canadian Legion, Orangeville. 

November 2019 Activities 

1. Royal Canadian Legion Branch 233 Annual Poppy Campaign, Week of, 4-8 Nov 19 

Cadets and staff participated in support of the Branch 233 Annual Poopy Campaign at locations in Orangeville. 

2. Commanding Officer’s Parade, 05 Nov 2019 

Cadets participated in the second CO’s parade of the year. Cadets received their level training badges for training completed in the last training year. The Squadron SSC and parents committee set up a Remembrance Day display in the Grand Valley Public school in honour of our veterans, past and present, their families and friends. 

3. Remembrance Day Parade and Ceremony at the Grand Valley Cenotaph. 

14 cadet members of the squadron, including Band Members in Highland Kit, participated in a parade from the Grand Valley Recreation Centre to the Cenotaph in support of the Town of Grand Valley and the citizens of the community. -15 wind chills did not stop or cadets from making the journey. 1 of our senior cadets led the Remembrance Day ceremony at their high school for the school itself. 

4. Cadet Correspondents Training Weekend, 15-17 Nov 19 

85 Tornado Squadron was able to have one of our junior cadets participate in the Cadet Correspondents Training weekend at CFB Borden so that they can assist the squadron with posts to the Facebook site, Instagram account and a general representation of the squadron to the media. 

5. Cadet Market at GVPS, Christmas Stop and Shop, 21 Nov 19 

Parents and cadets, community members were able to shop for Christmas items from local and invited vendors in the halls of GVPS for the evening. 

6. Christmas in the Valley Fair, Grand Valley Community Centre, 24 Nov 19 

The Squadron took a table in the Annual sale at the Community Centre and sold baked goods as fundraiser. Baked goods were prepared by parents and cadets and donated to the booth for sale. 

7. Tagging Fundraiser Weekend, Grand Valley, Orangeville, and Shelburne 29 Nov – 01 Dec 19 

The first of two Tagging fundraising events being held by the Squadron this year. Get your tags from that smiling cadet in your town. 

8. Grand Valley Santa Claus Parade, 30 Nov 19 

Cadets will march in a night parade held in town starting at 6pm 

Look ahead to December 2019. 

• CO’s Parade 03 December 19 

• Merit Review Board for Squadron Warrant Officer Position 12 Dec 19 

• Squadron Annual Mess Dinner, 13 Dec 19 

• Multi-unit (85, 164 Air and 1849 Army cadets) Christmas Dinner and Dance, Shelburne, 14 Dec 19 

• Christmas Stand Down, 20 Dec 19 – 05 Ja

Ron Shaw 

Captain, Commanding Officer, 

85 Tornado RCACS 120 Main St N, Grand Valley, ON L0N 1G0 / / Cell 416-677-4989 





We are currently operating with about 45 cadets on strength and have just finished a joint FTX with Tottenham army cadets in Borden which went well.   

We will be looking to fill some officer positions as we move forward due to some operational changes.   

We have an upcoming Merit Review Board on Wednesday to aid in selecting our next RSM and cadet command team.  

We have the COs COC on Nov 6 when I will relinquish to Lt Simoes.    Invitations were sent out to the branch.   Please RSVP as indicated.  

Looking forward to Remembrance Day, our rifle day on Dec 7 and Christmas dinner again with Shelburne and Grand Valley.   

This will be my last report as CO.   I certainly have appreciated the opportunity over the last 4 years to work with Presidents Skalozub, Landry, and Kimber and their leadership teams as I believe we have met one of my command goals which was to expand on and build a better working relationship with our sponsor.   I also wish to thank Chuck Simpson for his dedication to the unit and Ruth Garwood for her tireless efforts as liaison.
Capt. White


On the behalf of the membership of the Royal Canadian Legion Col Fitzgerald Branch #233, our president, Barry Kimber had the pleasure of presenting the Royal Canadian Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence to these fine young cadets. These presentations took place at 85 Tornado Air Cadets ACR in Grand Valley (8 June 2019) and 1849 Lorne Scots Army Cadets ACR here in Orangeville (9 June 2019). Again, congratulations on behalf of all members of Branch 233 Orangeville.